How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

a place called home

so its been a long while,  holy moly! haha well alot has been happening.
ok lets go back to March lol
so I turn another year older... twenty freakin four! haha
from my parents I got this inversion thingy 

to help my back me and a few friends "hung" out for the night haha 
I had Lee phung birthday cake! I love his cake! 

Then....... I Moved out!!! into my own place!
still fixing it up but its getting there :)

bathroom nicely done by my daddy with tile help from isaac

my bedroom
trying to add things to make the walls look less white and blank lol
maybe patch work with paper and photos?
my office (before i cleaned it! haha this is when i moved all my crap in lol)

my dishes
got this set at Ross for like $24.99
the living room is still being decorated but heres some deals i got at Yard sales and thrift stores
This sofa $79 at Goodwill

This Coffee table $8 at a yard sale

Tv stole from my parents house ( mine since Nick gave it to us when he got a new one)

got 3 free bar chairs from Mama Patti/auntie suzie ;)

This fridge for free from my cousin Luis since he didnt wanna pay to keep it in storage

so i had a house warming/ birthday party thing with family and friends at my new place i loved having everyone over :)

Leslie learned its gonna be hard if she has to shower here lol

i shared this cake with my twin cousins Megan and Alexa since they just turned 7

gots some great house warming/bday gifts that i cant wait to use and such :)
ok so i was super envious of this ring since i first saw it! on my friend Valerie's finger! haha and for my birthday she actually gave it to me! i wanted to cry! thanks val :) how i love it so!
Small Audrey2

I also Helped Dana Make a Huge one for Zach who played Audrey 2 he needed to sit inside it

Then I painted Zach's Face during every show.

He had a wig and everything. I'll post some stage shots and everything later since i dont have those photos with me right right now :)

Then went into Easter Shows at Revolution
me and Steph

ME and Joey

Then After our sat night show went out for Krystal's 21st bday

Next day was Easter and the little guys had an egg hunt

Celebrated Krystals bday with the fam bam

Then Went into another two weeks of Tech for SCYT's THE WIZ
I made the Tinman costume 
(I will post stage shots of these later too)

haha such a serious face dj lol
On our day off of Wiz I dance in a hula fundraiser at La Habra high school
Bottom right ;)
Me, Meleah, Bri

Me and Mary

Auntie Sue and I

Joy and I :)

After the wiz my brother Dj was in Joseph at the Dream Center

And my amazing brother got the outstanding musician award at Rio Hondo College!

Remember he is only 17!

What a crazy two months it's been, but full of great things. So proud of how talented my Brother is and i love watching him on stage every single time!

Finally going to Hawaii with some of my hula girls (and my mom)
so first i dropped my phone in our car while grabbing my bags! agh so mad! so my dad says he will mail it. and as he calls our time share we r suppose to stay at to get the address again and details to mail my phone overnight and well comes to find out that they booked the wrong dates! so while me and my mom were flying on a plane my dad is trying to figure out what we were gonna do. once we land in San fran for our connecting flight my mom gets all these texts about whats going on in that 10 mins before turning her phone off for our 5 hour flight to Hawaii. but being an amazing dad, though it was tough he made them book us a hotel. so now we r in a small room at a hotel. bummed alittle since we have been looking forward to staying in our time share right on waikiki beach! poo...
agh I'm phoneless till i get my phone friday afternoon in the mail. 
so facebook and free room wifi is my best friend. also i feel like this little kid lol cuz i can't loose my mom at the mall or nothing cuz i can't call her and idk where we really are lol... 
oh well hopefully a better day tomorrow, and beach! :)
heres the view from our room though :)

goodnight <3