How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Friday, June 29, 2012

it's funny sometimes

Wow so i haven't been blogging since january! and my last few blogs were kinda downers lol I do have those once in a blue moon ;P but i'm back and i'm ready to take on the world again!

for starters, i thought i would do this right now, becuz our kitchen sink is like leaking so buddy and i and now even DJ are trying to make it stop, but it got water all under the cabinets and my dad is upset and he's already doing a million things so we are trying to do this, with Dj driving back and forth to get the tools we don't have etc.. i feel bad lol my dad is stressed, i'm afraid the blow dryer and stuff is gonna wake up krystal (since we have no other way to try and dry under the cabinets) and buddy should be getting to bed too for work tomorrow, but we don't know how this happened?! it has like a crack in it, but we don't have anything under the sink that could have hit it and cracked it? idk but our kitchen floor was like all flooded almost.
So pray my dad's cabinets don't get ruin, and that we can fix this enough tonight to sleep and then really fix it for reals tomorrow when we can go get parts and everything! thanks! :)

2nd- i've been trying to get caught up on work for my parents company, its stressful tho and takes time, and most of the time doesn't seem worth it at all. but we do it anyways.
I'm almost caught up. finishing oklahoma this weekend and then working on hairspray and squeezing in Werner and jill's wedding video (but i wanna work on that ;) just haven't had time to upload the footage)

PS if u didn't order Into the woods and would like to, u can still do that! just let me know and we can mail that to u asap :)

I have a few other things i wanna share but i think i'll wait till tomorrow, cuz then i'll add pictures and everything is always a little better with pictures :P

goodnight <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I thought i could fly

I don’t know where I’m at
I’m standing at the back
And I’m tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, 
hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, 
I know I’m gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it’s coming down, down, down.

I'm not ready to let go
Cause then I'd never know
What I could be missing
But I’m missing way too much
So when do I give up, 
what I’ve been wishing for.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna fall down

I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
I'll never know why it’s coming down, down, down.
Oh I am going down, down, down
Can’t find another way around
And I don’t want to hear the sound, 
of losing what I never found.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
I never know why it’s coming down, down, down.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What comes next??

the start of another year has already visited and is passing by with "whats the next thing"
and it's been hard for me.
now and then
i hit this time in my life where i want so many things
but i either can't choose or decide what i should focus on.

and to tell u the truth i'm scared..
scared to pick something and not love it..
scared to pick a field and study it
scared to get into a debt that maybe in the end wasn't worth it..

where does that leave me with?..
maybe applying for a day job?
and maybe left doing something i hate
but then maybe it will push me to do things i love when i clock out?
i don't know.

maybe i'm just waiting... which seems to be a waste.

what do i want most in my life???
well things that kinda rely on other people...
Things i know that i would be content on doing for the rest of my life.
but waiting around doesn't pay bills

i've been laying awake every night
because i'm trying to see my reality
it's hard to keep dreaming night after night
and wake up and see my next step has got me no where.
and honestly i hate being depressed
i hate feeling stuck
and i hate complaining..
but i guess i'm writing this for my own use later
i mean the magic and beauty of a rainbow can only come after rain..
and like that promise i will see my rainbow, i just don't know how many rainy days it will take.