How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Any good jobs out there for me?

looking for work, i have loans to pay... so that's taking away from the money i need for my house bills so i need work. even if i have to go get a job somewhere. i wanna do so many things, like plan themed parties for kids, make cute clothes, costumes, pillows, curtains, stuff like that. IF U NEED THE BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME I WILL MAKE IT FOR U! haha
I'll babysit! i love kids!
I can photograph Weddings, babies,  kids, families, engagements, items, pets, u name it!

please please let me know what u can hire me for, or if u know ppl who would hire me :)
even looking for a job job if need be.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scarfs for Sale

Just made this scarf (or fabric necklace lol ;) )

It's Black and Salmon color


Purple and Grey

and this one 

Cream and hunter green stripes with grey braided band

I'm selling them for $15 each
or highest bidder ;P

Let me know

<3 Alysia

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let me make this for u!!

I'm trying to make some extra money, for some added expenses i have right now.. here's some fun ideas i know i can make if u or anyone else need me to :)

Super cute owl costume
(I can make it for $25)

Lego cake
(Decorate  for $15)

Cookie monster cupcakes
(Decorate for $15 two dozen)

flower pins for shirts
($5 per flower)

toy story alien cupcakes
(Decorate for $15 
two dozen)

Kitchen wind chimes
(I can make it for $30)

shark fin cupcakes
(Decorate $10 
two dozen)

fish cupcakes
Decorate $15  two dozen)

Shark cozy blanket
(I can make it for $40 )

owl cupcakes
Decorate $15 two dozen)

baby onesies
(I can make one for $15 plus supplies if needed)

watermelon cake lol :)
(I can make it for $10)

baby onesies
(I can make one for $15 plus supplies if needed)

pirate ship jello cups
make for $10 for a dozen)

kite pillow
(I can make one for $15)

peter pan shadow painted on the room
(for $30)

Heart pillow with pocket
(I can make one for $20)

super cute pillows with flowers
(I can make one medium pillow for $20)

now i have to do this

Love These Ideas, I must do them

book BOOK shelf

chalk board table top to keep game scores!

Labelings power cords

holding cords

towel basket shelf

so pretty! i want this in my room!

Since my bed is a futon mattress on the floor (cuz thats how i like it) This is a cute idea for a headboard

for ribbions! and i have some of these!

organize computer cords! i was thinking i need to figure out something the other day! i will do this!

paper lamp shades over glasses! cute and easy!

now why didn't i think of that?

I follow Blogs and surf the net for a bunch of different things and some i'm like wow! haha i thought i share some amazing things i found yesterday :)

I LOVE PILLOWS! & i love this idea!

cute :)

so smart! 

haha i think this is a cute idea

bookmarks that look super cool stickin out of the book!

this looks cool, i like this idea

ok now i want one!

i kinda like this necklace lol

So fancy in the kitchen!

Now this is smart!


i kinda love this apron

i love swings! 

someone make this for me please!!

bahahaha i for sure want one of these!


i might paint this little guy on my nail


cute idea to get little ones to look at the camera! and easy to make

One of the best ideas ever!

this is so cute! someone want me to paint it in their room????

tumb drive in a locket!! i SOOO WANT THIS!

good idea for things u want to hang



Good Thing Sept 16th:
People Sharing Great things on the internet!

Beyond Blessed
<3 Alysia