How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She said Yes to the dress!

what a crazy moment to see ur baby sister try on wedding dresses! i felt like we were playing dress up haha she looked so beautiful! we went to david's bridal and she showed them a dress she saw online a lace vintage type style, it was the first one she tried on and it was gorgeous!   she also tried on a really pretty a one shoulder satin one that was more like a hollywood glamour look, it looked great on her too. she also tried a halter satin one and a beaded strapless one (with option of straps). all were great, but it wasn't that first dress. vote went in and krys knew thats the one she wanted too <3 with the veil to complete it, she was a bride! she said yes and took it home today and has her first fitting in a week

I am so excited! i can't wait for her to wear it! for everyone to see it! it was a great day with my sister, my mom, my grandma and mama patti. wish the other sisters natalie and bernadette could have been there too :(
Everyday u see how amazing the Lord is tho, with every step towards this wedding, God will provide for everything!

Beyond Blessed
<3 Alysia

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