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Friday, February 11, 2011

Painting and costume making

I am very interested in making things for kids parties. party favors, cakes, cupcakes, costumes, T-shirts, u name it! 
I made T-shirts for my cousin's Megan and Alexa's toy story 6th birthday last year, since it's in march and we couldnt get costumes with out breaking the bank! My Aunt bought shirts and i painted them! :)

I took their woody and jessie dolls 
And copied them

I had the t-shirt paint in my room and just drew with a pencil very lightly and the painted them
And of course Alexa had to have some glitter haha cuz she is a princess! lol

Meagn's Woody shirt was painted front and back. and this was a white shirt too, just like Alexa's shirt, and i painted it the yellow orange and red squares

Everyone at the party thought she was wearing a real vest! lol

Alexa in her shirt at the party, getting ready to play some games :)
Megan in her shirt at the party hitting the pinata!

For their Little Mermaid Party when they were 4yrs old my aunt made ariels grotto and i gave her ariel's purse that i had 

and i painted the painting she has in her "part of your world" song :)

 i really enjoy re-creating things.

I also made our halloween costumes last year! We wanted to be the pokemon characters 
haha i did research to make sure they looked just right!




Pikachu -KRYSTAL



Things i found and bought at Saver's thrift store
Brown pants, orange shirt and green vest for nick.

jean shorts and yellow shirt for me.
Then Krystal found red suspenders for me.

blue windbreaker jacket, short sleeve white button up and green gloves for buddy.
I added a darker green to the gloves then I cut the sleeve off the blue jacket and sewed on the white short sleeves and collar and added yellow to the pockets for buddy
Buddy already had the hat he got online lol
Buddy and I also wanted our shoes to be perfect so we got white canvas shoes and I painted ash and mistys shoes for us to wear!

For Pikachu i got huge 5XL yellow t-shirts and we made one long shirt ( like a night gown) then added snaps at the bottom like a baby onesie and put elastic to make it fit around the ankles and arms. then buddy and i made the tail out of extra pieces and foam board and glued it to a belt and attached it to tie around Krystal's waist under the outfit. added the brown with felt, made a hood and attached that, then Krystal made the ears and we had to put a little stick in one to make one stand up lol 
(details details!)
painted red circles on her cheeks and there u go!

For Brandon I got a baby blue sweatsuit and got fabric from Tony's fabric for cheep and made a front and back of a turtle shell.

I Got a white sweatsuit for dj and dyed it teal, made a bulb with fabric and his chinese hat he had, help with the shape lol made holes for me to hook bulb on like a backpack under the jacket and then add felt spot things

Here's some photos of halloween and other costume events we went too :)
Sorry for the blurry ones most were taken with phones lol

I LOVE dressing up with a group! and i love making costumes! haha we still gotta catch them all! so if u wanna be a pokemon with us next year lets make ur costume! :)

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