How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines weekend... and more

Sorry i haven't kept up for like a week! haha but it went by so so quick!
First we have Saturday. It was a great day starting with a girls only party at missys house :) we ate food hung out and made old fashion valentines day cards!

 And just some of our tasty treats 

 The one on the far left (the yellow and green) i made that one for my grandma cuz i thought that girl looked like me as a little girl lol and thought my grandma would love it :)
 It was fun becuz alot of ppl came and they all got into making cards :)

Had a great time with girls at Missy's place Saturday afternoon. Later that night My brother Dj and I went to "The Quest" for a night of word and worship. Such a powerful night, i'm so glad i got to go. Pastor Paul talked about Ester, Ruth and ah i can't remember the third woman right now... ? and saying how we need to stay and finish the tasks God calls us to do, for the time He says. How we so easily wanna jump after being called. Pastor Paul first said how we need to seriously pray, when we r called to do so. and 3rd to have power of the territory The Lord gives us, even tho we have no idea how, or what to do. I remember learning at a youth conference this "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the Called" so take it and be guided. the thing Pastor Paul said between those, was how to cling to Jesus. How we normally pray and like wait for Him to embrace us. When all a long, y can't we run and embrace Him?! How special is a hug from ur kids when it is given without reason? and that there is just a time in our spiritual walk that we can just cling to him without reason. What I felt in my soul after pastor paul was finishing up was indescribable. I truly believe God has Given me a territory, and has given me the tools and has laid out my road and pointed me in the direction i should go, becuz i have prayed and fasted for those unclear things in my life, and i sought Him and trusted Him to give me the desires of my heart. But as much as i want my territory, and i know he will help me and guide me, I am at this time where I wanna cling to Him. becuz He has always held me, I wanna just stop, hug Him and thank Him for a long list of things, I'm always thinking go, go, lets do something, time goes so fast! but i realized this IS the TIME, i'm suppose to, and i need to, and i WANT to just embrace this right now.
Such an amazing night with the Lord.
After the Quest Me, Sharlene, KK, and Sam all slept over at Jessica's House. We went to Taco bell TWICE! becuz we r all fattys! haha and we watched Two movies. Then they wanted to squeeze into two beds lol i was like nope thats ok haha and i slept in Jessica's Closet haha they didn't think i would, but i totally did lol

Sunday Night Me, Nick, Buddy and Krystal went to dinner. (Sushi... ew) i got mac and chesse from Penara before hand lol. we watched the red carpet for the grammys there. Then Nick and I watch the Grammys at his house and ate Candy :P one thing i will say Rihanna! what the heck with that horrible dress!?! 
it might have been okay if it was like ALL fuzzy, but not rows?! maybe even with a color and not sheer, it was just ugly and tacky! she should have just worn this dress she performed in, i liked that one.

haha ANYWAYS Now Valentines!
I started off the day with lunch at Penara with My Mom, my sister, my grandma, my auntie Lisa, My Nina and cousins Alyssa and Christopher. it was fun, and really nice to spend time with all of them. i love seeing my grandma so happy :) ps, she LOVED my valentine card i made her ;)

My Valentine
This is our 3rd Valentine's day together. I love Nick, over these years together, he is always trying to know me more everyday. He wants to know all the things that make me happy, and even tho i don't like to talk about the things that upset me, he gets it out of me, he wants to know the things that make me cry. Nick has seen me cry A LOT lol not becuz i go crying to him, but becuz he wants me to get it out, and in the end he knows how to make me smile.

This year we had to do dinner early, we when to black angus ( same place as our first year) the strawberry lemonade is sooo good! haha i got nick a charger for his MOVE for PS3 and he got me this wand! lol it lights up! now i can play with buddy and Skyler! haha

I ended vday teaching my tumbling class, they have had too much candy i think lol fun day tho :)

The rest of my week so far, I gave dance lessons to the Kanter kids on tuesday and i am telling u i have been sooo sore! haha  ballet and tap, its been about 5 years so i lost those muscles lol but it was fun :) will be teaching them on a weekly basis.
other then that i found a ring on the floor at the mall, found $5 on the ground at penara and bought these this week :)
Found this case, and it was way cooler then i thought!
It was a travel jewelry case!

My MaryKay Checks Came in 

Got me some Pink Nikes from Buffalo exchange

Pink Heels from Buffalo exchange

This mini skirt from Buffalo exchange

This Swim suit from Target

Of course some dollar bin stuff lol some cards

And some vday candy 50% off lol

Well I hope u all had a great week :)

Happy 50TH BIRTHDAY DADDY!! hahaha
Driving to San Diego tonight where my parents r staying, spending the day with them tomorrow and driving back for an early morning saturday.

Then INTO THE WOODS AT BIOLA for Mama's bday on Saturday! :)

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