How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Any good jobs out there for me?

looking for work, i have loans to pay... so that's taking away from the money i need for my house bills so i need work. even if i have to go get a job somewhere. i wanna do so many things, like plan themed parties for kids, make cute clothes, costumes, pillows, curtains, stuff like that. IF U NEED THE BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME I WILL MAKE IT FOR U! haha
I'll babysit! i love kids!
I can photograph Weddings, babies,  kids, families, engagements, items, pets, u name it!

please please let me know what u can hire me for, or if u know ppl who would hire me :)
even looking for a job job if need be.

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