How blessed we are. For the ones in our life who love us. The ones who stand by us in good and bad times. The people who challenge you, who want to harm you, but instead make you a stronger person. Thank you Lord for your mercy, your Love that never ends. I hope to always be a blessing to all the people in my life, for i am blessed beyond words. <3

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things that caught my eye before they closed for the night

This is freakin hilarious! bahahahahaha

I like this tattoo

I wanna make this

I understand. sometimes u wanna see if u fit lol, they dont call me kitty for nothing lol

Omg look at this baby polar bear!! can i have one?!? ha imagine?

none of these images go together but just stuff i collected off the web tonight lol

I love this 

ok goodnight 
Shout out to the birthday girls!

My best friend annelise,  i love u so much! u have been such a huge blessing in my life! it's so nice to have a friend like u, who is always smiling and uplifting!  u r amazingly talented, and truly BEAUTIFUL! God really created a masterpiece and blessed me by letting me share this amazing friendship with her. i love u dearly annelise and i pray u will forever be in my life <3
Happy birthday hun xoxo

And my little sister Jessica!
My Kindred Spirit! u silly girl, u are so so special to me!!! I love u bunches and bunches! u r such a delicate soul and i absolutely love that about u! u are beautiful inside and out! u r so caring and u always make me smile. u r my family and i love u so much! hopefully we will get to hang out more, sometime soon <3 may this year bring u more of the amazing things God has in store for u :D


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